Pineapple Trains 1.2

To celebrate the well-received release of NARS 2.5 (ho ho), I have today also released an update to Pineapple Trains!

This update, 1.2, features one new diesel locomotive – the Stanley Shark – as well as the dome cars and YETI cargo load featured in my last post. All very American to fit the theme of NARS, you see?

sharksThe addition of the dome cars has also required the addition of a new GRF parameter, to allow you to select how passenger (and mail) cars are built. This parameter offers four options, which are hopefully fairly self-explanatory. If you have any questions, ask them here or in the forum thread.

The update is currently uploading via musa and will be available from bananananas shortly.

Edit: The update is now available via bananananas. Enjoy! :)