First attempts at recolour mapping… successful?

colour_maskingThe base set vehicles will need to use recolour masks, rather than having different sprites for each livery. This quick-and-dirty test worked surprisingly well! I think I might just need to increase the self-illumination of the mask a bit to avoid getting dark blue pixels in the corners.

The Kickstarter is going live on the 6th of July, so I’ll be posting a lot of new content over the next couple of weeks! Stay tuned. :)

Manufacturer profile – Stanley

One advantage of creating fictional vehicles as models, rather than sprites, is that you don’t have to decide on a prototype to base your drawing on; you can just build a steam engine, and let form follow function. That’s what I did with my first steam locomotive for Pineapple Trains, the Stanley Major.

750hp, 112km/h
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