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Hello folks!

My name is David Dallaston, known in the Trainz and OpenTTD world as Pikka.

I am a graphic artist, writer, software developer, Creative Industries student and all-round nice guy.  I live in Brisbane, Australia.

10 thoughts on “About me

  1. Jack

    Can you give me some ideas on what tools you use? I would like to experiment around a bit and hopefully learn some stuff 😀

    1. Pikka Post author

      Hi Jack,

      Personally, I use milkshape and 3dsm for modelling and rendering; most people who make 3d-rendered graphics use Blender. Really though, for TTD NewGRF creation all you need is a basic image editor like GIMP and a basic text editor like Notepad++.

      If you have any more detailed questions, the NewGRF development forums on tt-forums.net are probably the place to ask them. Or in IRC. 🙂

  2. Nathan


    I just wanted to say that I think NARS is one of the best graphics sets out there for TTD currently, I would consider it nearly perfect. I like running large maps with heavy freight multipliers. I’m sure people have suggested you include the Union Pacific “Big Boy.” Although I would love to see the Big Boy included, I was wondering if you have ever considered including the PRR S2 Steam Turbine.


    It was an absolutely beautiful locomotive that was doomed by timing more than technical flaws. As a fan of steam power it might make a welcome addition for those who want to give steam one last chance on their railways. With the variable running costs it seems like TTD could easily account for it’s inefficiency at low speed.

    Anyway it’s just a thought, but might be something to look at if you get bored. Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Paul Dutton

    Hi David, sorry to come on here, but I’m trying to contact you about one of your models in Trainz and the email address in your license doesn’t appear to be working. Could you contact me at my email address? Many thanks.


  4. Sturm

    Hi David! Firstly, congrats for your lovely years of NewGRF creation! Your work is really amazing and it was a pity that your Kickstarter didn’t reach its goal.
    So, I would like to invite you to know the 0 A.D. game, s a free, open-source, cross-platform real-time strategy game under development by Wildfire Games.



    Like the codebase, 0 A.D’s art is also “open source”. The models and animations can be created in the software of your choice, as long as it capable of exporting COLLADA files (.DAE). Similarly, the 2D textures are exported though the paint software of your choice to a Direct Draw Surface (.DDS) file. The alpha channel of the texture is used to define player color, object color, or transparency.




  5. Frank Routledge

    Hi there – I have N3V’s T:ANE and see that two of your assets – 8F vac pipe coupled and 8F vac pipe idle are marked as faulty. Kuid2:2512:60:42 and kuid2:2512:61:42 This impacts other assets. How likely is it that you will update them to be error free in T:ANE?

  6. Damien gollege

    I have a Samsung tablet can u download Q R locos on to world builder I use a tablet to recreate qr industrial track plans where there is nearly no records or photos that have survived

  7. Paul van Hutten

    Dear David,

    I would like to contact you about your Trainz assets and ask for a permission.
    Could you please contact me through my email address? Yours does not seem to work anymore. Thank you very much.

    Paul (NL)


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