Happy 2016!

So, another new year is upon us! What are the haps, you may be wondering?

The Kickstarter in August, obviously, didn’t reach its goal. Big thanks to everyone who supported it – it was a valuable experience, and plenty of food for thought.

Perhaps, after 21 years of playing and 10 years of NewGRF creating, (Open)TTD has had its day? The potential of the Pineapple models is somewhat wasted when rendered down to (even 32bpp EZ) sprites, and the features we’ve all talked about for so many years now are never going to happen. Chris Sawyer made a great transport game all those years ago – no-one, including himself with Locomotion, has ever managed to create a rival. Maybe it’s time I had a go?

So, watch this space for what will, for now, be known as Project 2512… in between university, and work, and everything else that life throws at me this year. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Happy 2016!

    1. Pikka Post author

      It’s hard to find the motivation to keep working on it… but on the other hand, it’d be a shame to not release what’s already done. I’ll get the last few things – the tracks, the road vehicles – out there somehow, either as GRFs or as graphics for other people to use.

      1. Tobias

        Oh. So no Pineapple Ships?
        I just want to say how awesome your graphics are…I hope one day you find the motivation again.

  1. Alex

    Good luck 🙂

    I think you are right in that TT is might have had its day. You have a fantastic set of assets yet the process to produce the massive array of sprites is rather complex and at the end you lose detail and the fact they are lovely 3D models!

    A new game planned from the start would also allow for the addition for other much asked for features while not complex in themselves but are too complex to fit into the OTTD game mechanic!

    It is something I have been thinking about although I also lack the time to work on it properly. The question is grid/freeform, isometric/top down/3D? and that’s not even thinking about feature or content… I’d love to work on a concept report or a prototype.

  2. Waqqas Hanafi

    I’ve been playing TT since 1997 (and recently OpenTTD). I support you building a new game from scratch. You need to really nail the gameplay mechanics down so the game is challenging but still fun for years and years of play. As for the art style, I think you should go for something a bit timeless such as the game called Death Inc. The people behind Death Inc had to close shop without releasing the game, so I’m sure you can ask them for material/artwork or even get in touch with the artists for tips, etc.

    The artwork you have now looks too “clean” if you’re going for a realistic look. It reminds me of games from the early 2000s. I demand mud and rust on those locomotives!

    Anyways, if you do decide to do this game. You should try and go the Kickstarter route again, but only after you’ve gotten a lot to show for the game. Make sure your Kickstarter video is on point with a semi-professional production quality with background music.

    Once you’ve gotten a decent $500,000 from Kickstarter (up from a targeted $250,000), you can spend a couple years with a couple of other people finishing the game up.

    1. Louis E.

      If you want to be realistic,the vehicles should be built clean and shiny and accumulate rust over time,with mud coming and going with service depot visits.Maybe at rates dependent on adjustable maintenance budgets.

  3. Futchygu

    Eh I know I’m coming late to this (only just found out) but…

    I have loved your graphics for OTTD for years, many thanks for the hard work you have put in (I would have supported the kickstarter had I known about it at the time).

    I definitely think that if you show good early promise you will get a kickstarter support, or perhaps look for early access via steam – then you get their support promoting the game too.

    The market is waay open for a new, well designed transport sim – despite many other games I’ve tried I still keep coming back to OTTD!

    Good luck.

  4. lugo

    Happy 2017!
    I hope one day you’ll get back doing stuff for TTD.
    You’re work was/is a very valuable addition to TTD in general.
    Thank you once more and have a good 2017!

    1. Pikka Post author

      I find it hard to get excited about Mashinky. It’s very slick, but from what I’ve seen it appears to suffer from the same problem that Transport Fever and other “3D TT” games do: it copies too many of the mechanics of our favourite 20-year-old game without reflecting or reinventing them (magically-flipping fixed trains built in Tardis depots, driving back-and-forth routes between little towns and industries on a randomly generated map which “progress[es] from the Age of Steam through the modern world and into the future”). There are so many interesting aspects of railways which no game I know of has even touched on, and they won’t as long as developers keep their sights firmly on a “better Transport Tycoon”.


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