Happy 2016!

So, another new year is upon us! What are the haps, you may be wondering?

The Kickstarter in August, obviously, didn’t reach its goal. Big thanks to everyone who supported it – it was a valuable experience, and plenty of food for thought.

Perhaps, after 21 years of playing and 10 years of NewGRF creating, (Open)TTD has had its day? The potential of the Pineapple models is somewhat wasted when rendered down to (even 32bpp EZ) sprites, and the features we’ve all talked about for so many years now are never going to happen. Chris Sawyer made a great transport game all those years ago – no-one, including himself with Locomotion, has ever managed to create a rival. Maybe it’s time I had a go?

So, watch this space for what will, for now, be known as Project 2512… in between university, and work, and everything else that life throws at me this year. :)

Hello World

Hello folks, welcome to the new blog.

Two months ago I quit my job as a bus driver with the Brisbane City Council.  It was a good job, but the shift work, weekend work and overtime was very tiring.  I missed having the time and energy to be creative.

Transport Tycoon has been a favourite hobby of mine since the original game came out in 1994, and I’ve spent most of the last two months working on completing some OpenTTD projects, including – finally! – the 1.0 release of the UK Railway Set and updates for av8.  Currently I’m working on TaI industries and UK houses – the list of projects is never ending. :)

However, fun though OpenTTD is, I still need to make enough money to eat and pay the bills.  Most of that will come from boring contract work, but additionally I will be using this blog as a portfolio of sorts, and posting things that people may want to purchase; poster prints, t-shirts, mugs perhaps?  3D printable objects?  If you have any ideas of what you would like to see, please do comment on this entry.

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