zBase comparisons

In response to the kickstarter news, DarkenMoon97 on Reddit asked about the comparison between Pineapple and zBase, the existing 32bpp base set for OpenTTD. zBase is great – I’ve used it for years – but Richard (understandably!) didn’t have the time to put as much detail into it as he could have – his priority was creating a “complete, functional and useable base set” as a proof-of-concept for 32bpp graphics.

Here are a few comparisons of zBase and Pineapple sprites (the Pineapple sprites are, I should stress, works-in-progress):

Another difference between this project and zBase is that in addition to the Pineapple base set, I’m also creating a suite of NewGRFs in the same style, and template images and models to help other creators move to high-resolution NewGRFing. Pineapple is an attempt to shift the standards for OpenTTD, not just to create another base set. :)

The Pineapple Graphics Kickstarter is now live!


I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s feedback, especially about the backer rewards. :)

kickstarterI’m committed to getting this base set complete for everyone to use with 1.6.0 in April next year. The Kickstarter funding will let me do that. I’m also looking forward to working with beta testers and making Pineapple a truly collaborative effort.