April updates

I’ve three things to talk about in this update: A new loco for Pineapple Trains, some progress on procedurally drawing graphics, and some musing about future plans.interurbanFirst, here’s a random new vehicle for Pineapple Trains! Playing a game the other day (unusual, I know), I decided I needed a light passenger service on my Corvine line, and I don’t like running steam under the wires. So, the interurban was born. Underpowered and difficult to turn a profit with, it’s just like the real thing. 🙂 For game balance, I’ve also decided to halve the purchase cost of all wagons. Now, the NewGRF is about 200mb, so I’d rather not do too many releases; before I release an update, are there any more obvious holes in the roster? Two locomotives is a much nicer update than just one! Opinions are welcome in the comments below, or in the forum thread.

Secondly, I’ve been toying with the idea of using procedural drawing (using Processing), rather than 3d rendering, for some of the more geometric or organic Pineapple sprites – things like ground tiles and trees. I’ve made a start over the last few days with… people! Tiny little passengers on platforms or in open-topped vehicles, or little pedestrians and workers to add some life to towns and industries.exampleThe people are procedurally drawn with random heights and weights, and pull their outfits from colour swatches. There are only 8 different outfits in the example image above.
yetisarebigDamn, those YETI dudes are big. 🙂

Finally, it’s been just over a year since the initial release of Pineapple Trains – how time flies! I’d rather it not be so long until my next major release – I’d love a nice Pineapple-y 32bpp base set to play with as much as you all would, and a new av9 and new industries and… but unfortunately, I’m a full-time student, and I also need to work to support myself. I don’t have anywhere near the time to devote to Pineapples that I would like. At the current rate, it might be many more years before even half of what I’d like to get done gets done.

But, what if I could devote my working time to Pineapples? I’m seriously considering launching a Kickstarter to fund development, with the aim of having at least the base set done in time for OpenTTD 1.6.0 in twelve months time. I’m sure we could have a lot of fun with backer rewards, too… custom vehicles and buildings? 3d-printed trophies? Design books? What do you think?

5 thoughts on “April updates

  1. peter

    I would back a kickstarter, assuming I found out that it was happening. (Be sure to post it on reddit.com/r/openttd)

  2. doxlulzem

    I like the custom vehicle/building option. I’d probably just suggest a load of British dual-cabs or some shunter (class 14 is a necessity) or a monocab type 1 😛

  3. Tobias

    I would suggest the Voith Maxima and/or MTAB Iore, as interesting locomotives, but I don’t think they really close a gap. However a maglev is still missing from the set. The (in development) japanese superconducting maglev would sure look nice in your set and it’s gorgeous style.

    Concerning kickstarter, you might want to take a look at https://www.patreon.com/ and https://flattr.com/ as continuing cash flow alternatives.


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