Oh give me a home…

The next stage in the pineapplisation of OpenTTD is houses!

Houses perhaps offer the best opportunity to add a unique “Pineapple” atmosphere to OpenTTD. While my earlier 8bpp house grf stuck to the original UK setting of the original Transport Tycoon (and indeed recycled a lot of original TTD graphics), Pineapple Houses will instead be based on Queensland / fictional Tropicalish styles, as well as featuring the clean, stylised, but not “unrealistic” shapes and textures featured in Pineapple Trains.

I don’t have any new renders to show (yet!) but I thought I’d write out some feature ideas. If you want pretty pictures bear with me for now and wait for tomorrow’s post. :)

Inspired by TaI / UK Houses

The most notable feature PH inherits from TaI is the limited town sizes. With the default houses, any town will turn into a metropolis of concrete canyons given even a little transport service. TaI introduces different classes of towns – villages, towns, and cities – and more defined city centers, and PH will refine these features further.

city2 city1A default city vs a TaI city, with 20 years of bus service provided by CivilAI

Other features pioneered in TaI which PH will retain include houses facing roads, minimum lifespans on buildings, and limits on special buildings like parks and fountains.

New town features

How about new and more “special” buildings? Schools, hospitals, town halls? There are a lot of possibilities I want to explore with this set. More zoning/districting, and the size of new buildings being based on the “land value” of the buildings around it?

New gameplay variations

By default, houses’ production increases roughly as a square of population, meaning doubling the population quadruples the number of passengers. This is why your OpenTTD cities produce crazy numbers of passengers! PH will (optionally) use custom production callbacks to balance out passenger and mail production. Some buildings in PH will also (optionally) act as sinks for other cargos – grain to small farm houses, petrol to petrol stations, etc. There are lots of possibilities, but I also want to keep in mind the “simple gameplay” approach I took with Pineapple Trains, and avoid adding features for their own sake. Stay tuned!

Building styles

Building styles will be tropical-ish Queensland and will date from colonial period to the near future. I’ve been staring at rooflines a lot the past week. :) The houses will also feature a lot of clutter – trees, cars, etc – which will be useful for other future Pineapple projects.

Release schedule

32bpp newgrfs are big, and I don’t want to clutter people’s download folders with gigabytes of beta releases. So as with the Pineapple Trains, you’ll have to wait until a complete 1.0 to play. If I stay motivated that will be coming in only a few months. :)

Time to get building!

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