Pineapple Road Vehicles!

Over the last few weeks I have begun creation of the first Pineapple Road Vehicles! The ‘codename’ for this NewGRF is “HOVS 75” – the original HOVS was a british-style bus set I made 10 years ago (!) for TTDPatch, and the “75” refers to approximately how many times I’ve attempted to create an updated version over the years…
3rd_gen_rvsThe NewGRF will feature five generations of vehicles, from around 1900 (1880 for the first tram) to the early 21st century. The vehicles shown above are all from the 3rd generation of vehicles, introduced in the 1950s. (If you’re wondering what that odd creature on the third flat truck is, it’s a YETI dude from V453000’s industry NewGRF).

This is how the vehicle scheme works:

Passenger vehicles come in three categories, with one of each per generation: trams, buses, and coaches. The first vehicle introduced in the game is a steam tram, and the remainder of the trams are electric. Trams are the fastest, most powerful, and highest-capacity road vehicles, but also the most expensive. Buses, all British-style double-deckers, are also high-capacity, but quite slow. Buses and trams both have a malus to payment decay, so they don’t pay as well on long routes; they’re intended for moving large numbers of passengers within cities. For long intercity routes, the coaches may be a better option; faster and more powerful than buses and without an income malus, but lower capacity.

Cargo trucks come in six flavours, mirroring the wagon types in Pineapple Trains; box, stock, flat, tanker, hopper, and tipper. All are refittable in depots and stations. There are no special vehicles for mail and valuables; they’re carried by the box truck. The trucks are quite slow and low-capacity, but they’re still quite capable and well-balanced against Pineapple trains. My intention is that trucks are most useful for short-distance transfers and routes into the centers of cities.

All the trucks shown above are non-articulated vehicles which can use terminal road stops. There will also be articulated versions with additional trailers. By default these will only be available in the fourth and fifth generations, from the 1980s onward. However, the NewGRF will provide trailers for all truck generations (and perhaps coach generations?), and their availability will be player-adjustable with parameters.

I have decided not to create any cargo trams for the time being. But I will undoubtedly be creating some tram-sized industrial rail vehicles for industry tiles. If I make playable versions of those vehicles, I may create them as trams or I may create them as narrow-gauge trains. We’ll see when we get there.

buscompAs a final bit of showing off, here’s a comparison between the Pineapple 3rd generation bus, the Lacey Imperial, and an equivalent UKRS2-scale bus I drew in 2013. Isn’t 32bpp/ez nice? 😀

In other news, if you’d like to provide feedback on this post, or Pineapples in general, I’ve started a forum thread in Graphics Development. You’ll find it here. Let me know what you think!

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  1. Its been a long time since I’ve played Transport Tycoon. I forgot how my I loved it. I just barely got my wife into it too haha.

    I’m wondering, is the pineapple for road vehicle out yet?

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