The Hoverzellepins are coming…

Image13Andy actually wants a full-cabin passenger hovercraft for FISH, but I started with the deck well container carrier. Just because it’s cool. :)

This vehicle will be rendered in 32bpp EZ for Pineapple Ships, as well as being rendered in unanti-aliased, normal zoom, TTD pallette for FISH. It’s a good job I kept all my palette-swapping scripts I used to use for Av8!

Edit: for those interested, here is the cabin version (in mauve company colour):hovzep_cab

And finally, the raw 8bpp/nz sprites for FISH. Andy will presumably tidy up the pixels on these a bit (or get some other poor sap to do it 😉 ) before they’re incorporated into that NewGRF.hovzep8p

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