Pineapple Road Vehicles!

Over the last few weeks I have begun creation of the first Pineapple Road Vehicles! The ‘codename’ for this NewGRF is “HOVS 75” – the original HOVS was a british-style bus set I made 10 years ago (!) for TTDPatch, and the “75” refers to approximately how many times I’ve attempted to create an updated version over the years…
3rd_gen_rvsThe NewGRF will feature five generations of vehicles, from around 1900 (1880 for the first tram) to the early 21st century. The vehicles shown above are all from the 3rd generation of vehicles, introduced in the 1950s. (If you’re wondering what that odd creature on the third flat truck is, it’s a YETI dude from V453000’s industry NewGRF).

This is how the vehicle scheme works:

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