The Pineapple Graphics Kickstarter is now live!


I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s feedback, especially about the backer rewards. :)

kickstarterI’m committed to getting this base set complete for everyone to use with 1.6.0 in April next year. The Kickstarter funding will let me do that. I’m also looking forward to working with beta testers and making Pineapple a truly collaborative effort.

10 thoughts on “The Pineapple Graphics Kickstarter is now live!

  1. Hello mr. Pikka!

    First of all, let me say WHOA! This project of yours, it is amazing. Thinking back to the original TTD, OpenTTD has come a long way from the mid ´90s. With all that’s been done to improve the game, a graphics update is something that I (and surely many others) welcome with open arms. Absolutely fantastic.

    With a few more days to go on the kickstarter, I’m a bit disappointed that the current backing amount is quite a bit from its goal. A bigger disappointment goes out to myself because I can’t back this wonderful kickstarter, as I’ve been without a job for nearly four years now. I would so very much like to support this project, as well as the OpenTTD team, because the game is quite dear to me and has been a part of my gaming world for a very long time.

    With all this said, I wish you all the best with the project. If you decide to take another shot at the kickstarter in the future and I have the possibility, I’ll be among the others supporting to let you do continue your fine work with the graphics set.

    Thanks again for everyting so far, rock on.

  2. Hi, sorry that the funding did not work, but please go on with that work. I really like OpenTTD, and the new graphics from you are just amazing!!!

  3. too short period! in 1 month you raised about 5.000$, if you keep project opened maybe you can raise more. I was on holiday and I don’t know about your kickstart :(

    • I agree, I would have been happy to help support this project but only just saw your kickstarter.

      I hope you can still keep up the good work.

  4. Repeating the above – I check the openttd site about once a month. Having a window of only 20 days on KS means a whole lot of people who would’ve spent a bit of money never even got a chance to do so.

  5. (open)ttd veteren here! just saw your awesome kickstarter. sad to see it failed, would have backed it, if i had known. know a few people still playing who would have backed it too, if they had known. which i guess was the primary problem. they’re checking every other year or so, to get the latest version… and then happily play a few games…
    maybe try indiegogo with flexible funding, do as much as the money you get allows for. then repeat. if you decide to start another fundraiser for this: send me an email! :)

  6. Kickstarter gut und schön nur Erklärt werden sollte er, den dir TAR sache funktioniert ja auch nicht so wirklich. Ja und mit dem Serge Russland hat mann es Verdorben.

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