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In response to the kickstarter news, DarkenMoon97 on Reddit asked about the comparison between Pineapple and zBase, the existing 32bpp base set for OpenTTD. zBase is great – I’ve used it for years – but Richard (understandably!) didn’t have the time to put as much detail into it as he could have – his priority was creating a “complete, functional and useable base set” as a proof-of-concept for 32bpp graphics.

Here are a few comparisons of zBase and Pineapple sprites (the Pineapple sprites are, I should stress, works-in-progress):

Another difference between this project and zBase is that in addition to the Pineapple base set, I’m also creating a suite of NewGRFs in the same style, and template images and models to help other creators move to high-resolution NewGRFing. Pineapple is an attempt to shift the standards for OpenTTD, not just to create another base set. 🙂

5 thoughts on “zBase comparisons

  1. deeredman1991

    Overall I definitely like it better than zBase. The ONLY problem I see with the screenshots is; there are no lines on the road. Other than that it is AMAZING what you have done. 🙂

  2. Uwe M

    very good graphics.
    Wow solche Grafiken suche ich !
    dazu suche ich eine Liste die ich als GRFs in 53 bpp spielen kann !

    möchte aber auch gerne Helfen wenn ich kann !

    Horst-Uwe Münchs


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