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Tootytooty, too.

Happy new year 2022!

It’s been a couple of years since I updated this blog. For those who don’t know, I had a hard-drive failure a little while back. I didn’t lose much data, but I did take the opportunity to get rid of some of my older workflows (paint shop pro, milkshape, 3d studio max) and replace them with more up-to-date and capable tools, and OpenTTD took a bit of a back seat during that process.

Let’s look at the list from 2020, and see how things went.

1. UKRS3
It’s taken a bit longer than I’d planned, but the final, 25-loco release of UKRS3 is now upon us! The 1.5 release candidate will be available from the in-game content soon, with the official release date set for the traditional April 1st.

2. TaI32 Town and Industry sets
The “TaI32” name is dead, but the sets continue on.
A few weeks ago I released PIRS 2022, a new industry set which – for the moment – uses FIRS graphics. I’m quite happy with how it plays, using mostly default industry chains, but with slightly more complex mechanics, including stockpile and FIRS-style supply cargos.

As part of the workflow update, I’ve been working on some Processing tools to make drawing ground tiles and building sprites much easier and faster. There’ll be more on that later, but in time, the plan is to replace all the FIRS graphics in PIRS with my own, 2x zoom 32bpp sprites, as well as creating a town set to match – a continuation of the TaI32 set.

3. CivilAI
I did continue working on CivilAI, and I think I’ve taken it as far as I can. One day, I’ll start a new AI from scratch, with all I’ve learned from Civil. But not just yet.

4. Landscape Workfile
These graphics have been abandoned, because they were in the 4x zoom “Pineapple” style, rather than the 2x pixel style I’m using now. There are some new infrastructure sets in the works, starting with a new finescale track set for UKRS3. More on that very soon!

5. Av9.8
I tried hand-drawing extra zoom aircraft. It did not go well.

I still plan to update av9.8 (and a sister ship set, wavy9.8!) with 32bpp graphics, but it will mean creating a new 3d workflow in Blender to generate 2x zoom sprites in the same style as UKRS3. It will happen, but probably not for a while.

That’s the big overview update. Stand by for a post about UKRS3 and Finescale II, next week!