Pineapple Trains v1.3

1.3 is now available on Bananas, the OpenTTD in-game content service.

This update is mostly about EMUs; additions and adjustments.

New vehicles:
muupdate– The Corvine Interurban has been added as a very early electric locomotive with passenger capacity.
– The Unity Thunder has been introduced in 2008 with similar stats to the old VFT.

Vehicle adjustments:
– The Manley Express had an incorrect top speed due to a typo, so it’s been bumped up by 8km/h.
– The VFT is now faster and more powerful (and more expensive).
– The VFT, Turbo, and Thunder now have the “tilt” flag set (this was supposed to be set before but wasn’t); these trains should reach top speed more easily now.
– The Millenium X2001 has had a capacity increase, but now has a malus to cargo payment decay so it won’t pay as well on long-distance routes. This will make it more useful
for its intended use – short-distance people-mover (eg between a city and an airport).

Other changes:
– A parameter to disable the variable running costs has been added.
– The default setting for the passenger car model parameter has been changed to “single vehicle with random special vehicles”.

Because of these parameter changes, this release is marked as incompatible with earlier versions – you’ll have to start a new game.

6 thoughts on “Pineapple Trains v1.3

  1. Hor-Uwe

    Wow tolle Grafiken, ich versuche mal nur ZBase und deine Grafiken !
    Oder hast du neue grf die du mir schicken kannstDanke schon mal im voraus


    1. Pikka

      I’m afraid I can’t see a file that’s on your computer, Chase.

      If you mean the vehicles have gaps between them in some views, that’s because of the way the inaccurate way geometry is calculated in Transport Tycoon. Most NewGRFs compensate by stretching the vehicles in those views, but that would look strange with the higher-detailed, rendered sprites.

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